Evan Engram at Legends Gallery 9/25/2018!

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  • Legends Gallery Presents NY Giants Evan Engram

    Tuesday September 25, 2018 From 6:30 to 8:30 PM

    How Does this work? (faq)

    About Autograph Signings


    We love answering questions. We are happy to do so. Please call or email us anytime if you have one. But, If you would like to know the answers to the most frequent questions we get asked about for our autograph signings, here there are:

    Q: What is an INSCRIPTION? 

    A: An inscription is an Add On to the autograph you have purchased. It is an accomplishment the athlete has achieved in his or  her career. For example: "H.O.F. 2013", "Rookie of the year", "Super Bowl MVP", "2015 FIFA Women's World Player of the Year" You request what it it is you would like them to "add on" to the athletes signature. There is also an additional cost for an inscription.

    Q."Are we allowed to take pictures with the athlete?" 

    A. Yes. We allow our guesst to take pictures with the athlete.

    Q. "Does Legends Gallery provide the items to be signed?"

    A. No, you can bring your own items for signing, but we will have merchandise available, ie; photos, balls, pucks, jerseys, sticks, helmets, etc. for purchase if you need.

    Q. "What is a flat?"

    A. A flat is an item that is made of paper and is flat. A photograph, a game ticket, a sports card, a magazine cover, or a  page from a book is "A Flat".

    A t-shirt is not considered to be "a flat". Any item made of cloth or fabric is considered to be a premium item. The exception to this is any form of ARTWORK. A painting on canvas, a watercolor, or printed piece will have its own category and will need to be discussed with Legends Gallery. Please give us a call you have a piece of artwork you would like to get signed.

    Q. "How do I get my tickets?"

    A. The actual autograph tickets will be picked up from us either the day before, or on the day of the event. Just come to the front counter with your email confirmation (a smart phone is ok) and we will give you your tickets. DO NOT LOSE THESE!

    Q. "What time should we arrive at the event?"

    A. Any time within the 2 hours of the event.

    About Legends Gallery

    Our background:

    Legends Gallery is home to some of the finest sports memorabilia in the tri state area. 

    From beautifully framed classic sports photos and jerseys, to signed football helmets, baseballs,  and hockey pucks, we also have a large selection of display cases, and we have been in the custom framing business for over 40 years.

    We also have been host to some of the biggest names in professional sports.

    Eli Manning signing at Legends Gallery

    Lawrance Taylor & Bill Parcells At Legends Gallery

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