Mark Kannell New Paintings

Mark with Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor 


Mark's Painting Of Eli Manning

30x40 Acrylic on canvas. Hand signed by Eli Manning


Mark has been drawing and painting since his early childhood, and his persistence and talent has captured the attention of celebrities and professional athletes alike. With only a paintbrush and pencil, Mark is able to recreate photo realistic paintings of some of the world’s greatest sports and entertainment icons.

In addition to creating art on traditional materials such as paper or canvas, Mark also paints on items related to the athlete or celebrity including jerseys, footballs, baseballs, helmets, and guitars. 

Some of Mark’s accomplishments include live painting at major sporting events around the country, including the College Football National Championship as well as events around Phoenix during Super Bowl XLIX weekend. His work was also featured in a story that aired nationally on Entertainment Tonight in 2015. 

Mark’s paintings can be found in the personal collections of:

Tom Brady – New England Patriots Quarterback

Mariano Rivera –NY Yankees Hall of Fame Pitcher

Shaquille O’Neal – NBA Hall of Famer

Gil Meche – SeattleMariners/Kansas City Royals Pitcher

Travis Zajac – New   Jersey Devils

Patrik Elias – New   Jersey Devils

"Animal Explosion" By Graham Atwell

Meet Sam And Charlie

   Graham Atwell, ‘ATTY’, for those unaware is not your ordinary artist, seeded from the home of the oval ball, Rugby, England, ATTY is a former central London cop and Sydney resident for over a decade. His switch from the MET Police to the art world is an unconventional and as fascinating as his work itself. Growing up, ATTY had always doodled, after becoming increasingly disillusioned with his day job, drawing became a more frequent and fervent creative release, however not in a form you would typically see.  ATTY a digital artist, is best known for creating stunning animal artworks with serious personality, from hares to emus and giraffes, ATTY’s work has been adopted in over 50 countries on every continent and welcomed into new homes by people from all walks of life. 

These signature designs come to life after a meticulous, painstaking process, something ATTY admits habitually does not come naturally. He spends countless hours on executed perfectly. Among the most crucial elements are color composition, balance and placement. 

Most of his animals take 150 to 300 hours to complete but his latest conception, an elephant, known as Winston took around 695 hours. A long labor. Each ATTY piece is uniquely different, to ATTY, the characters he creates, after hours of love, come to life and develop their own personalities. 

“I never name my animal until I see it printed for the first time, I guess this a similar process to what many parents go through. These guys and girls are like my babies; it’s critical the right name goes to the right animal” says ATTY.

Take Winston for example, a striking individual, a young Asian Elephant of the most peculiar sorts. Winston has the remarkable ability never to forget. Therefore, he is ideal for those of forgetful sorts. He is destined to be a powerful leader, but for now, he is looking for a new home as he is growing to be too big for his current location. 

ATTY’s creative ability is that he can instill nostalgic emotions through his works and characters which, for this reason, the purchase of these pieces is not considered a transaction but an ‘adoption’. Once home, the chosen piece will become an integral part of the family. 

What keeps him going is knowing that ‘every time one of my animals is adopted I feel very privileged. It is amazing to know that my beloved animal is going to a loving owner and new home.’ 

ATTY has fast become one of Sydney’s most sought-after artists, how often would you find an giraffe, koala and fox under the same roof if not in a children’s storybook? ATTY‘s is bringing his newest animals to the USA market for the first time and all the animals are up for adoption. 

Come meet Graham on Friday September 14th from 7:00 to 9:30 pm at his first ever artist opening in New Jersey! For more information and pricing, please call the gallery at: 973-635-6505.

How Does this work? (faq)

About Autograph Signings


We love answering questions. We are happy to do so. Please call or email us anytime if you have one. But, If you would like to know the answers to the most frequent questions we get asked about for our autograph signings, here there are:

Q: What is an INSCRIPTION? 

A: An inscription is an Add On to the autograph you have purchased. It is an accomplishment the athlete has achieved in his or  her career. For example: "H.O.F. 2013", "Rookie of the year", "Super Bowl MVP", "2015 FIFA Women's World Player of the Year" You request what it it is you would like them to "add on" to the athletes signature. There is also an additional cost for an inscription.

Q."Are we allowed to take pictures with the athlete?" 

A. Yes. We allow our guesst to take pictures with the athlete.

Q. "Does Legends Gallery provide the items to be signed?"

A. No, you can bring your own items for signing, but we will have merchandise available, ie; photos, balls, pucks, jerseys, sticks, helmets, etc. for purchase if you need.

Q. "What is a flat?"

A. A flat is an item that is made of paper and is flat. A photograph, a game ticket, a sports card, a magazine cover, or a  page from a book is "A Flat".

A t-shirt is not considered to be "a flat". Any item made of cloth or fabric is considered to be a premium item. The exception to this is any form of ARTWORK. A painting on canvas, a watercolor, or printed piece will have its own category and will need to be discussed with Legends Gallery. Please give us a call you have a piece of artwork you would like to get signed.

Q. "How do I get my tickets?"

A. The actual autograph tickets will be picked up from us either the day before, or on the day of the event. Just come to the front counter with your email confirmation (a smart phone is ok) and we will give you your tickets. DO NOT LOSE THESE!

Q. "What time should we arrive at the event?"

A. Any time within the 2 hours of the event.


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Legends Gallery is home to some of the finest sports memorabilia in the tri state area. 

From beautifully framed classic sports photos and jerseys, to signed football helmets, baseballs,  and hockey pucks, we also have a large selection of display cases, and we have been in the custom framing business for over 40 years.

We also have been host to some of the biggest names in professional sports.


Eli Manning signing at Legends Gallery


Lawrance Taylor & Bill Parcells At Legends Gallery

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